DIY: 3 Manga/Anime Room Decor Ideas!!!

In this video I show you 3 cute anime/manga room décor ideas!
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Manga Coaster
Old coaster
Glue - (PVA, Craft, Pritt Stick, Any kind!) (PVA is ideal)
Pages from your favourite manga/anime book (search '[insert name here] pages' on google images, and choose your favourite!

~Cute the strips out
~Rip them into smaller pieces, cut them, whatever! so long as it makes pieces small enough to fit on the coaster.
~Glue the pieces on
Totoro Bookmark
A4 paper
Fine Pen/Thin pen/Biro (Black)
Thick pen/Marker/Sharpie (Black)

~Fold the paper length ways
~Glue sides together
~Fold down a quarter of the paper (see video)
~Fold up from that about 2cm (see video)
~Glue down the 'Quarter' fold to the line of the third fold so you have a flap (see video)
~Turn over
~Sketch along the line of the second fold
~Draw a Totoro design sat or peeking out from above the line
~Beneath the line draw more Totoro designs
~Go over all the lines in fine pen
~Go over some of the lines in sharpie
~Cut around the first Totoro design (see video)
~You are done! the flap acts as a hook to hook over the page
Pokémon photo strand
Pokémon cards/pictures
Blu Tak (something to stick the finished project to the wall)
String/Elastic (optional)
Any number of wooden pegs (optional)

~Cut out the pictures from your Pokémon cards
~Glue them onto the paper leaving enough space so that when you cut them out the don't look untidy
~Cut them out as if they are photos, with a large white space near the bottom of the picture and small white spaces around the other edges.
~Peg them onto the string (optional)
~Blu Tak string to the wall (optional)
~Blu Tak pictures to the wall
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In the video I hope my voice wasn't too rambly or annoying x3