HISTORIC Election Results In Spain

Following the recent general election Spain faces a level of political instability that it hasn't had ever since transitioning to democracy. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola of The Young Turks discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Read more here: http://www.wsj.com/articles/spain-faces-weeks-of-political-instability-after-indecisive-election-1450689973

"Two leftist parties that won nearly half of the votes in Spain’s election said they would try to block Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s bid to keep his job, setting the stage for prolonged uncertainty about the country’s rebound from recession.

Sunday’s vote—in which Mr. Rajoy’s conservative party finished first, but far short of a majority—sent the benchmark stock index in Madrid down 3.6% Monday, the worst performance in Europe.

During four years under Mr. Rajoy, Spain’s economy emerged from recession and is growing at 3% this year, but discontent over low-paying jobs and continued high unemployment—still above 20%—cost his Popular Party its control of the 350-seat parliament.

Investors said they were worried about political gridlock during expected weeks of negotiations over forming a new government, and the possibility of the two major left-wing parties forming an antiausterity pact."


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HISTORIC Election Results In Spain

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