The PS3™ Guides: Introduction

Your PlayStation®3 is a fantastic video games console -- but there's more than meets the eye. It's also an amazing entertainment system, letting you enjoy high definition movies, music and photos on your big screen TV. When you connect your PS3 online and to the PlayStation Network, a whole new world of entertainment opens up, giving you instant access to online gaming and on demand movie, TV and music services.
In this introduction video, we'll give you an overview of all your PS3's features. Then, choose a video guide on those that interest you most. These guides will walk you through, step by step, on how to get the most out of your PS3's features.

You'll find video guides on:
- Video -- learn how to take advantage of PS3's Blu-ray, DVD and video file playback features
- Music -- importing your CD's and music files to your PS3's hard drive, and managing/creating playlists
- Photos --storing and viewing your photos in amazing slideshows via your PS3
- Games -- PS3 game features including motion controlled gaming
- Connecting your PS3 to the internet --to access online features and services
- Updating your PS3 -- ensuring that your PS3 has all the latest features and access to entertainment services
- How to join the PlayStation Network -- your ticket to a world of connected entertainment including games, movies, TV and music
- Home Networking -- access music, video and photos from your PC and other networked devices in your home via your PS3.
- On-Demand Movies and TV -- stream or download movies and TV shows straight to your PS3
- On-Demand Music - watch music videos free of charge with VidZone, or subscribe to Music Unlimited to stream millions and millions of audio tracks
- Catch-up TV and other movie services -- access catch up services from local TV networks and other movie streaming services
- Online Gaming - getting the most out of playing online with the PlayStation Network
- Social -- link your PlayStation Network and social network accounts together to share your experiences with your friends

If you're absolutely new to PlayStation 3 - the Connecting Your PS3 to the internet and How to Join the PlayStation Network videos come highly recommended.