Top 25 Best Anime Openings (Songs) Of 2012 (HD)

I countdown the top 25 anime opening songs this year had to offer!
Sorry for the constant uploading, there was some lag on the songs. Should be fixed now.

Op List:

Area no Kishi Op
Aquarion Evol Opening 1
Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes Op
Beelzebub Opening 5
Dog Days Opening 2
Eureka Seven AO Opening 1
Eureka Seven AO Opening 2
Fairy Tail Opening 11
Fate/Zero Opening 2
Gintama' Opening 3
Hyouka Opening 1
Inu X Boku SS Op
Kimi no Boku 2 Op
Kingdom Op
Magi - Labrynth of Magic Op
Mobile Suit Gundam Opening 4
Moyashimon Returns Op
Nazo no Kanojo X Op
Ozma Op
Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Opening 2
Psycho Pass Op
Robotics;Notes Op
Space Brothers Opening 2
Sword Art Online Opening 1
Utakoi Op