Breaking News! Labs Mix Human and Dog DNA

Human animal hybrids exists. Best kept secret of half human half dog experiment.
Human Experimentation

An article clams that in Vancouver there exists an undercover laboratory where some of the most heinous human experimentation is going on.
Why? Just to satisfy the needs of the rich, the 1% ers, the Illuminati.

Leaked photos show that scientists have been able to cross breeds humans with dogs for rich pet lovers with a very specific interest in pets.
And what would the price tag be on such an exclusive item?
According to this article a Dr. Paul Bradshaw from the Hartmon College Institute essentially stated that when you're rich there's only so much you can buy for a person who has it all.
That getting them a pet human dog hybrid is better than buying them an Iphone 6.

The human dog hybrids are intelligent and their vocal chords work, so now when you talk to your dog (In an Aussie accent like I do when no one else is around) your dog can respond.

However, it can also tell others what you're really up to when you claim you were just taking a really long shower.

Of course animal rights groups are angry, but then so are Human rights groups. However the groups are divided on who's offended the most. This has lead to clashes at protests outside the super secret laboratory.

Cops were called to quell the fighting among the groups. Pepper Spray, batons and fire hoses didn't seem to work, so they tried the next best thing...Gluten free, range free, vegan certified coupons for a free decaf soy mocha latte were dropped from a helicopter, the group promptly dispersed and headed for the nearest participating Starbucks location.

Ironically, they were no where near the super secret laboratory. Otherwise it wouldn't be super secret. They instead had been protesting outside a Tim Hortons the whole time and just mistook morbidly obese toddlers for one of the animals.

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But Yes, I'm of course making this all up. As did the purported news site that reported on this.

While cross breeding is possible with some species, for example a mule is created by crosse breeding between a female horse and a male donkey.
Cross breeding between humans and animals is currently impossible.
In one notorious example. Russian Scientist Illya Ivanovich attempted to impregnate female chimpanzees with male human sperm. And rumors suggest he might have even attempted to impregnate a human female with chimpanzee sperm. In either case, pregnancy did not occur.
At one time he was celebrated for his work, but when the political mood changed and turned against him. He was arrested and sent to work as a vet in what is now Modern day Kazakhstan.

What you see in the photos are sculptures and are the work of Australian Artist Patricia Piccinini who's hybrid realism sculptures like this one The Young Family have created a stir on the internet in the past.
This image titled Newborn was even used in a claim that a mother had given birth to a baby elephant hybrid that was the reincarnation of the Hindu deity Ganesha.

Piccinini says she uses her art to force discussion on how technology impacts life.
“Its about evolution, nature – how nature is such a wonderful thing, we're just here to witness it. Its not here for us – genetic engineering, changing the body.”

Please be sure to support her site instead of the bogus news sites out there. I will include the Link to her page in the description below.

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