Aotearoa Reggae All Stars (A.R.A.S) - Sensitive To A Smile

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Proceeds from the sale of the single will go towards the Mana Ririki Charity and their work in preventing child abuse & promoting positive parenting in NZ. Would love your support.

A big thank you to Rio Panapa (Sons Of Zion) & Avina Kelekolio (Tomorrow People) for coming up with the idea. Also to Dilworth from Herbs for allowing the A.R.A.S to cover such a classic song. And of course all the artists who didn't hesitate to offer their beautiful voices.

Mana Ririki Charity:

Katchafire | Che Fu | 1814 | House Of Shem | Tomorrow People | Sons Of Zion | Ria Hall | Three Houses Down | Majic Paora | Chad Chambers | NRG Rising | Tasty Brown

Director: Mark Arona
Producer: Mark Arona
Assistant Producer: Saphron Moore
D.O.P: Tatsuya Sasaki
Editor: Tatsuya Sasaki
Colorist: Tatsuya Sasaki
Actors/Talent courtesy of Illegal Musik

To the A.R.A.S team awesome work fam
Rio Panapa
Avina Kelekolio
Tana Tupai
Lanita Ririnui Ryan
Lilly Panapa

A big thank you to Jeremy and the team at York St for allowing us to both record and film there.

Special mention to the team at Toa TV, Warner Music NZ, Maori TV and everyone else behind the scenes that helped bring this project to life.