【FGO】Fate/Accel Zero Order - EMIYA Kiritsugu VS Angra Mainyu Pillar Boss【Fate/Grand Order】エミヤ アサシン

Fate/Accel Zero Order - EMIYA (Assassin) Kiritsugu Interlude
Really love the Father and Son part, Daddy Emiya & Shirou XD

After Fate/Accel Zero Order... Remnants of Alll the World's Evil is still left, together with Kiritusgu, we fixed the irregular fuyuki city once again...

PILLARS again?! This interlude is like Fate/Zero & Kaleid Carnival Phantasm, with Jaguar Taiga, Irisviel (Dress of Heaven) following him around in secret, we also get Archer Emiya (Shirou) Father and Son moments( when Kerry saw him he hide and walk away fast XD) , as well as illya & Kuro appearing at the end XD

With this new Emiya Kiritsugu the Magus Killer interlude it feels like they are gonna rerun Accel Zero Order on JP?

New Effect:
Rank B+
*Deals damage to a single enemy ignoring Defense.
Reduce one enemy's NP gauge by 1.

Finally After Emiya the AOE Archer, Emiya Alter the Single Target NP, all of them ignore defense, now It's time for Kerry to ignore defense finally~!

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