"Rockbell" (Vocaloid) English Cover by Lizz Robinett

I wrote my first good English translyrics! I'M REALLY PROUD OF MYSELF JKLA;DGAS I've written English lyrics several times but they're never very good and I don't like singing them but I'm actually really happy with these!

I also sang this with a raspy dead voice (I spent all day Saturday with Aqua screaming on roller coasters and shit EEEE) because I love how my voice sounds when it's nearly gone /SHOT

This song is seriously the cutest thing, I heard it once and instantly fell in love with it plus I LOVE KITTIES OKAY

I hope y'all like my lyrics and stuff

It'd be cool if somebody sang em so no need to ask for permission, BUT CREDIT PLEASE!!

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If you listen carefully
You'll hear the town breathe in and out
Papa and Mama are fighting again (haa...)
It's an everyday event

I wanna walk to school with all the others
But I can't keep up
Sometimes pebbles are thrown my way,
So a little farther back, I trot I trot I trot

I don't have time for some boring class
So I silently sneak out at noon
The wind sweeps by me, pushing and pulling
Anxiously, I blink my eyes and

In a world where there was never once a me
Not a thing would change and everythings the same
And here I am! Stuck in a shell that's way too hot for me
So now I'll venture out, into a brand new town

Everything I've seen, everything that I've smelt
Everything I've heard, and every bitter taste
All of it seems to be the same to me,
But if it's not, then can you please explain?

Even though I'm at this age,
I still get patted on the head
It's not something I ever look forward to
But all I know is I want snacks

As I was napping next to mama,
Who had nodded off as well
I bolted awake as I was shaken with a dream
That everyone abandoned me

Suddenly, I felt kinda scared
So I shook her shoulder, as I cried
Mama's body's much too warm
I can barely hear her breathing...

I don't know if she can hear me calling her
I'm trying everything, but she just won't reply
"Somebody, help!"
I run outside and cry for anyone
But even though I shout, nobody seems to care

I'm reaching out, but this tiny hand is useless
Slapping it away, papa glares at me
Looking in his eyes, I can see the hatred
They're telling me that I'm not wanted here...

There are too many emotions at once
I roll them all up, and let them all go
I am leaving behind another "I"
To an angry red sky,
As the rain has all dried...

Clear skies!
I'm dashing off with all my fur attached
Only heading forward, never looking back
A glass of milk that's spilt just won't refill itself
There isn't any good in crying over it

Everything I see, everything that I smell
Everything I hear, and all the bitter tastes
This new town is just a little chilly,
But that's fine! It'll do for now

A new face!
'Scuse me, could you tell me your name?
Don't you have friends who wanna play with you?
A family? Where are they-
Oh, I understand...
Well I'll be your friend and walk along with you!

I'm reaching out, but my tiny hands are useless,
Still, you hold them gently, loving, kind and warm
I promised myself that I wouldn't cry anymore,
I guess not- so hold me close to you
Hold me close to you, and don't let go...