【OLIVER】Starlight Parade【VOCALOID 3 カバー】

Haha. I forgot that this existed.So, the first this I do when I buy an Englsih speaking Vocaloid is make him sing Japanese. Because that makes sense.But yeah. I had Oliver sing one of my favorite End of the World songs. Which is "Starlight Parade". It's a really pretty song and I enjoyed making this.Here is the YouTube upload if you want the VSQx downloads.https://youtu.be/stZ1MK4FFcY Just a warning though. The "read me" file is in English so you'll probably have to use Google Translate if you speak another language. Don't even know if that was necessary but oh well.I hope you enjoyed this Vocaloid cover. It's my first one. :) I also drew the art. I hope you like that too!