INCREDIBLE! 15:21 Cork Cases - iPhone 8/X Review

Every once in a while I’ll come across a product that just blows my mind. The cork cases from 15:21 are one of those products. They are the best handling cases I have ever used.

If you’re looking for a thin case for your iPhone or looking for a case that will set you apart, you need to check out this cork case.

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This 15:21 case is made from recycled cork caps. There’s actually a layer of Aramid sandwich between the cork layers which provides the case with a bit of rigidity. To make the case, 15:21 takes the cork caps, grinds them up and pressure forms them against the aramid core. If you’re wondering where you’ve heard of Aramid before, it’s probably because you’ve seen my Pitaka case review. Based on how they manufacture the cases, I’m going to assume that no two cork cases are going to be the same.

Now I know I’m fawning over this case but again, and this isn’t even a sponsored video, they just sent me the stuff, I just love it so much. it’s been a while since I’ve used an iPhone accessory that I’m really excited about. I love the fact that organic materials cover’s the entire case. The average organic case manufacturer will find a cheap TPU inset and then glue a piece of wood or rock to the case. That’s not what 15:21 did.

When it comes to overall wear and tear, the cork will wear like leather. It feels like suede leather, is highly resilient to scratches and dirt. My darker jeans did leave a stain on the case but a bit of soap and a damp rag made the stains go away. I tried to take it one step further by rubbing my beet juice covered hands on the case, letting it sit for several hours and seeing if a damp cloth would lessen the beet stain. It’s almost impossible to see the difference. This ability to keep the light coloured cork case clean is a step up from my Apple silicone cases that tend to be a sink for colors.

I used the cork wallet in a pair of jeans that bleeds color a lot to see how much the wallet would get stained. As you can see here, the wallet does clean easily which is neat. For me personally, I generally default to darker coloured everything because it hid’s stains better. Knowing that cork cleans up easily is good to know.

Now prior to a week ago, I hadn’t really given much thought to cork. The only thing I associated with cork was the annoyance I had every time I had to open a bottle of wine for my wife. Now while waiting for the cork cases to show up, I’ve learned that harvesting cork doesn’t actually kill the oak it comes from. Also, cork comes from cork oaks. After you harvest the cork, that tree is left along for 9 years in order to let the tree regrow it’s bark. Neat!

I love the texture of the cork case. It was something I was not expecting when I started using my iPhone in the case. It handles better than my best handling case, the Speck Presidio Grip. The grip on the case doesn’t feel forced. The 15:21 case follows the curves of the iPhone and feels like a natural extension of the device. Unlike the rubber ridges on the Speck Presidio Grip.

Now there are two downsides to this case. The first is that it won’t offer your iPhone a whole lot of protection. The top and bottom edges of the iPhone are exposed and the buttons aren’t covered. The corners of the case are slightly raised to keep the iPhone’s screen off a flat surface. However, a thicker screen protector might extend past the edge. If you’re brave, you could forgo the screen protector but only if you’re not terribly clumsy with your device.

Now the second downside is the price of the case. The iPhone 8 Plus version is going to run you $40 Euros or $50 USD or $60 CDN which is a little steep when compared to the average case. BUT you are paying a premium for an incredibly unique case. If you’re planning on getting the Apple leather case, I’d take the $50 bucks you’d spend on that case and get the 15:21cork case.

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