Walkthrough for Neo Hancock All Versions! [One Piece Treasure Cruise]

Neo Hancock has a Slasher, Free Spirit, and Cerebral fight! By far, the Slasher version is the hardest and basically requires the use of PSY Tashigi. Free Spirit is very easy in comparison, and even just using Treasure map Ace allows you to have a lot of flexibility with your teams.

Free Spirit Teams:
Law & Ace Free To Play ➤ 0:07
Law & Ace Free To Play V2 ➤ 08:20
Garp & 5+ Luffy Free To Play ➤ 09:21

Cerebral Teams:
Shanks & Pedro Free To Play ➤ 11:00

Slasher Teams:
Tashigi & Inuarashi Free To Play ➤ 16:28
Tashigi & Law Team ➤ 24:12
Tashigi & Mihawk Tean ➤ 25:09


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