Vassoul Blackhead Remover Mask AMAZON REVIEW ON HOW TO USE IT


Vassoul Blackhead Remover Mask AMAZON REVIEW ON HOW TO USE IT

How I use this Black Mask?
Step 1: Open the pores
To increase the efficacy of your mask, you can open up your facial pores by:
• Steaming your face
• Take a hot shower, or rinse your face with lukewarm water again then pat dry with a towel
Normally it takes 5 minutes to open the pores.

Step 2: Use the mask
Apply the mask on your face, you want to ensure that you get the perfect layer on your skin: Thin enough so that it can adequately dry, but thick enough that it actually picks up whatever is lurking in your pores. So apply a medium-to-thick layer(2mm) evenly on the desired area, such as nose, forehead, chin.

If possible, avoid areas where you have a lot of fine hair(avoid eyes, eyebrows, lip around area)) because it WILL hurt when you peel it off. You might need to give it a few tries before you find your optimal thickness

Step 3: Wait patiently
Ideally, the mask should dry in about 15 minutes. But this often varies depending on how thick your layer is. Don’t rush it - be patient enough to just wait the extra couple of moments for dry totally.

Step 4: Peel the Mask
Basically you can feel when the mask is dried. It's crucial that you peel the mask upwards because that helps it pick up the most pore-debris. It may feel a little hurts on removal mask.

Step 5: Close the pores and Moisturize your Skin
Use cold water to clean, and make sure the pores shrink. It’s recommended that you moisturize your skin after removing the mask, especially if you have mixed or dry skin.

The Black Mask effectively removes blackheads and other skin imperfections, but it’s NOT a magic wand. It takes a lot of work as you really have to find the right thickness to get excellent results. You might still have some stubborn blackheads left behind after the first attempt. This is completely reasonable and you shouldn’t dismiss the product as ineffective. You may need to give it a few more attempts to completely catch more of those stubborn/deep blackheads.

Blackhead remover masks sometimes are messy products if use it on whole face. The Black Mask contributes to a lighter skin with lessened dark spots. However, keep in mind that it can be a little painful when peeling off.

Hope this video can help someone!