REDIRECT! Hunter X Hunter (2011) Season 5 Episodes 118, 119 and 120 Reaction

KILLUA USES GODSPEED MODE ON YOUPI AND IKALGO FAILS TO KILL BLOSTER! Ikalgo uses Flutter's body to enter the Palace and save Palm but he has trouble getting passed another fellow Chimera Ant called Bloster who he thinks is probably suspicious of his motives. Ikalgo in Flutter's body tries to act like Flutter but Bloster tricks Ikalgo into calling their boss Hagya which is an old name for that Chimera Ant so immediately Bloster uses his machine guns to brutally murder Flutter. However, Ikalgo sits underneath the vehicle having predicted that he'd be caught as another individual disguising as Flutter therefore, detached himself from being inside Flutter's body. He thinks of his options of how to get passed Bloster and believes that killing him will eliminate him as a threat to him and everyone else although he hasn't even killed anyone before. Ikalgo sees Bloster using the elevator which asks for a code which Bloster doesn't know so the elevator locks itself. Ikalgo thinks this would be his best chance to kill Bloster but before he could do that, Bloster uses his machine guns to blast through the elevator door to set himself free. Ikalgo then panics and runs to the control room to control all of the doors to trap Bloster. Ikalgo manages to lure him to an area where he can shut doors at the front and back but Bloster quickly manages to propel himself out of the trap setting him free from such a confined space. Bloster already has figured out that someone is trying to trap him and Ikalgo panics about what to do next. Ikalgo then, thinks about using the armoured tank to block Bloster's only escape route which is to crawl through the elevator system. So he manages to use the armored tank to block the elevator and activates the sleeping gas. Bloster eventually falls asleep while Ikalgo manages to crawl himself inside the elevator. However, Ikalgo finds that he cannot bring himself to kill him so he doesn't end up killing him.

Meanwhile, Knuckle struggles to get his revenge on Youpi who tries to trick him into punching him whilst he fakes his transformation. However, just as Knuckle is about to punch him for Shoot's sake, Youpi gets shocked with lightning allowing Knuckle to punch him at least three times and escape. After Knuckle flees, Killua shows himself emitting lightning from his body which he calls his godspeed mode. OMG this was such a powerful ability! Killua ends up being too quick for Youpi managing to beat him up several times because godspeed mode has greatly enhanced his speed. However, his godspeed mode wears off making Killua flee. Also, Shaiapouf trolls Morel into thinking that he's still inside the cocoon just waiting to be transformed when he uses his particles technique to dissolve himself into the tiniest particles to escape Morel's smoky jail without Morel seeing those particles. However, after fifteen minutes, Morel then starts to question if Shaiapouf is in there so he breaks it and undos his smoky jail revealing Shaiapouf outside of his smoky jail. Shaiapouf then uses his particle beelzebub technique to transform himself into tiny chibi versions of his himself to scatter all around the area to find the King and reveals a rather insane personality. Shaiapouf ends up finding Neferpitou operating on Komugi with Gon watching them.

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