Dr. Panda Town: Vacation iPad App for Kids

Dr. Panda Town: Vacation
by Dr. Panda. Go camping, sailing, and more!
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Dr. Panda Town iPad App for Kids.

Check out your fancy cruise ship as you choose where to visit first! Hit the beach and play volleyball with friends, or grab your snorkel and scuba-dive in the deep sea. Travel to new islands, and experience the great outdoors where you can go camping in the woods or set off on a winter adventure to the snow covered mountain. With tons of fun places to visit and things to do, there’s something for everyone!


With more places to go, there’s even more fun to be had! If being the captain of the ship floats your boat, entertain guests with a live band or even a rooftop pool party. Show your friends how brave you are and go diving to uncover the mysteries of the underwater cave, or go hiking in the woods to discover a secret hideaway and camp out after dark for the coolest vacation ever! #DrPanda #DrPandaTown #iPadGame #Appforkids #forKids

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