4K 60FPS: Amtrak and CTRail Trains on the Hartford Line June/July 2018

This is a video I made of several Amtrak and new CTRail trains along a segment of the New Haven to Springfield rail line. Many of these trains you'll see in this video are Amtrak Shuttles and CTRail Trains, and a few clips of the Vermonter. Video locations were at Wallingford, Meriden, and Hartford. Highlights include the malfunctioning grade crossing in Wallingford which resulted in trains being flagged through the crossing and what happens when a man high on meth sees a train. Below, here in the video description I will include more details about each clip in the video.

Video Clip Details (In Video Order):

1: Amtrak Shuttle #475 cruises through Pent Highway Crossing in Wallingford, with Ex-Metroliner Cabcar #9635 leading and GE P42DC #105 trailing.

2: Amtrak Shuttle #476 (With Borrowed SLE Equipment) rolls through Pent Highway Crossing with Mafersa Cabcar #1719 leading and Ex-Amtrak GE P40DC #838 shoving.

3: CTRail #4462 passes through Britannia Street and Colony Street Crossings in downtown Meriden, with ex-MBTA MBB Cabcar #1509 leading and EMD GP40-2H #6695 shoving.

4: A few minutes later CTRail #4461 passes through the same two crossings with EMD GP40-2H #6696 leading and ex-MBTA MBB cabcar #1520 trailing behind it. Also included is an educational clip on why you don't take too many hits of god only knows what.

5: CTRail #4462 cruises past the old Wallingford Amtrak station adjacent to Quinnipiac Street and Hall Avenue grade crossings. Consist is the same as the previous clip but vice-versa lead order.

6: Amtrak Vermonter #55 passes through the previous location with GE P42DC #13 leading. Running two hours late.

7: CTRail #4461 accelerates through the old Wallingford station with EMD GP40-2H #6695 leading and ex-MBTA cabcar #1509 following along.

8: A very-late Amtrak #475 speeds out of Wallingford station with ex-Metroliner cabcar #9647 leading and GE P42DC #108 shoving.

9: Amtrak #476 prepares to stop at Wallingford, with ex-Metroliner cabcar #9640 leading and GE P42DC #113 shoving.

10: Here's where the video gets a little interesting. CTRail #4463 flies past Pent Highway crossing with GP40 #6696 leading and cabcar #1520 following. But for whatever reason, after the train passes, only one of the gates ascends, whilst the other stays down. The lights and bells continued operating for about an hour after they started. I reported this to Amtrak within the first few minutes of this occurring.

11: Eventually, Amtrak #417 arrives at the crossing and is flagged through because of the malfunction. Cabcar #9635 leads and P42DC #105 trails. After it passes the crossing goes back to working normally.

12: About ten minutes later CTRail #4414 arrives and is also flagged through.

13: CTRail #6458 slows down through Cooper Street crossing in Meriden. Ex-MBTA MBB cabcar #1509 leads while EMD GP40-2H #6694 shoves.

14: A few minutes later CTRail #6459 departs Meriden station and crawls through the previously mentioned location.

15: Northbound Amtrak Vermonter #56 arrives and departs Hartford Union Station with GE P42DC #13 leading.

16: Last but not least, CTRail #4414 departs Meriden station and gives a few nice horn Doppler effect blasts for Hicks Avenue grade crossing located just down the track.