Galaxy Unicorn Mermaid (G.U.M.) OOAK Monster High Doll- Mad Scientist Doll Customs Episode 15 Part1

This video is a doll repaint tutorial that will show you how to turn Gi Gi grant monster high doll into a beautiful black magical afro Galaxy Unicorn Mermaid. In part one of this video I'll show you how to use paints on dolls and how to work with dark skinned dolls to get intense opaque colors. You will also learn how to paint details on dolls using paint where the paint looks like it was screened like in a doll factory. This is only part 1 of 2 for of Mad scientist doll customs episode 15 part 2 will be out as soon as possible. The end product plan is to have a Galaxy Unicorn Mermaid. G.U.M. for short is going to be awesome ooak monster high repaint doll.

Materials used and shown in this video:

Liquitex Slow Dry Medium
Acrylic thinner Medium/ Golden Thinner Medium as alternative
Cran dashe Luminance Colored Pencils
Primacolor colored pencils
Pan Pastels
Mungyo Handmade soft pastels
Mini Contour Brush set from Amazon
Winsor and Newton Masking Fluid
Micro Mark Micro Brush set of 4 ((individuals can be bought via Micro Mark)
Caran Dashe Pastel Pencils
Acryla Acrylic Guache Primary Color mixing Set
Mr. Super Clear UV Flat
Tamiya Bending Pliars
Tamiya q-tips

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Other Materials:
Acrylic Paint
Mr. Super Clear UV Flat, I get mine from for 15 bucks local GA supplier
I Use Princeton Select Petite spotter size 10/0 micro brush
Winsor&Newton Cotman 111Round size 0000, that's 4/0 micro brush
Princeton Kolinsky sable 7050R size 3/0 micro brush
Princeton Art & Brush Co. Round 12/0 detail brush
For Brush Cleaner I am using "THE MASTERS Brush cleaner and preserver"
All brushes can be found on Blick art materials, Brush cleaner is on amazon

For my Soft Pastels I use Real make up brushes, I'm using Vander Pink Make up brushes
for my soft pastel work.

To film:
I use final cut pro x to edit
Photoshop cs6 for thumbnails and animation effects
I use canon eos 700 d for shooting
I also use a 10+ close up filter to get in some good shots.

Music: I buy all my music for this Series Via Labmatik Beats which you can purchase here:

Editor: Currently I have an extra hand editing, Julio Heredia

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