Monster School: Xmas Apocalypse - Minecraft Animation

The fired Santa's workshop manager tries to ruin the Christmas with a magical zombie virus, but the government made a cure. With the help of the mob gang, will Santa reach it on time?

If you like these long and crazy animations press a like to promote them, so we'll choose this style for our next animations. Thank you and Merry Christmas !


The North Pole Map - Santa'secret Village by Wicked
Lab Map by DanTDM

Reindeer Rig by Pharien
Santa Rig by Peanutbutter Timelord
Christmas Elf Rig by zinocat
Present Rig by KindZax
Shovel Rig by Awesome Emerald
Airplane Rig by Captain Diesel
3D Potion Rig by Achroma MC
Magnum Revolver Rig by AlexTSC
Duffle Bag Rig by Piegon99
AK47 Rig by PigmanMovie
All Weapon Rigs by Magicmaan775
Custom House by ziyadkhalq
Rotting Zombie Rig by EthanForeverAlone
Fishing Boat Rig by BloxTheRigger
Realistic Zombie by Juno
Tree Rig by Kin62
Motorcycle Rig by NewlyKunG
Ambulance Car Rig by Dawid24M

Silent Night (Dark Piano Version)- Dark Christmas Music by Myuu
Jingle Bells - Kevin Macleod
We Wish you a Merry Christmas - Kevin Macleod
Chase Pulse - Kevin Macleod
Merry Go - Kevin Macleod
Chee Zee jungle - Kevin Macleod
Controlled Chaos - Kevin Macleod
Clenched Teeth - Kevin Macleod
Village Dawn - Kevin Macleod
In the Hall of the Mountain King - Kevin Macleod

Zombie sounds by Syd's Room
Zombie swarm sounds by Broken Creatives