Minecraft 1.15 Major Mob Spawning Changes Are Coming!

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Here are some of the community comments and observations made regarding mob spawning in Minecraft.

A balanced mob spawning system is needed with consistent spawning rules. This would mean that during regular gameplay mob spawning is challenging, but not overwhelming.

Additionally, with balanced and consistent spawning rules, players should be able to pinpoint where mobs will spawn, and utilise that information so that effective spawning platforms and farms can be made.

Slimes should spawn frequently in swamps and slime chunks.
Endermen should spawn readily on spawning platforms built in the end.
Wither skeletons should be regularly spawning in Fortresses.
There should be a steady supply of hostile mobs spawning in caves around the player, making the game more interesting and challenging as they explore.
Mobs should despawn when out of range of the player, so they don’t hog the mob cap unnecessarily. (Currently they only despawn if they are within a narrow band at a certain distance from the player.)
Hostile mobs should despawn unless they have had significant interaction with the player (not just because the mob has looked at the player, for example).
Drowned mob spawning should be balanced, as they spawn too often, hindering the spawning of other mobs.
Passive mobs should spawn steadily around the player, so that resources can be gathered as needed.
Mobs should not spawn if they are beyond a certain distance vertically from the player (The current behaviour effectively breaks traditional mob spawning platforms built in the sky, or in slime chunks)

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Minecraft 1.15 Major Mob Spawning Changes Are Coming!