Banana Nutella 2-Ingredient Ice Cream in a Pringles Container! Giant Popsicle 材料2つでジャイアント・アイスキャンディー

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We made a large ice cream bar in was an empty Pringles' container. There are only 2 ingredients: Nutella and bananas! You can make simple, yet, delicious ice candy. The finished product is heavier than it seems. We reccomend using a rolling pin as the stick.
*Recipe* (1 empty 110g Pringle's container)
1. Finish eating the Pringles (110g).
2. Open a hole in the lid to allow a rolling pin through.
3. Wash the empty Pringles' container. Be gentle since it is made of paper.

Making the ice candy mixture.
4. Mash the bananas (6 bananas or 463g).
5. Add 1 jar of Nutella (220g) to the mashed bananas and mix.
6. The mixture has a nice texture at this point, however, in order to create a smooth, nice looking ice candy, the mixture was placed in a food processor.
7. Pour 6 into the empty Pringles' container from 3.
8. Place the lid from 2.
9. Insert a rolling pin.
10. Freeze.
11. When the perimeter is slightly melted, remove the ice candy from the container. Poking holes near the bottom with a knife makes it easier to pull out.
12. Let's eat! This ice candy lacks cuteness. It is inevitable considering its giant size. It has good flavors, however. It looks like a cartoon meat on a bone, like Luffy's meat. But, it does taste good.

Note: The ratio of bananas and Nutella is perfect at 2:1. Please adjust the ratio as you see fit. If you are left with extra ice candy, add 300ml of melted ice candy to 100g of pancake mix and 1 egg, pour the batter into cupcake or pound cake mold, and bake in pre-heated 180 degree Celsius oven for 20-40 minutes for a delicious cake.



5.ヌテラ 1瓶(220g)を入れ混ぜ合わせる。

メモ:バナナとヌテラの分量は2:1の割合がちょうどいい感じです。お好みで調整してください。アイスキャンディーが余ってしまったら、ホットケーキミックス 100gに卵 1個と余ったアイスキャンディー 300mlくらいを溶かしたものを混ぜあわせ、カップケーキ型やパウンド型に入れ、180度に予熱したオーブンで20分から40分ほど焼くと美味しいケーキになりますよ。