Mugen Test Battle #118 Darkness G Heaven Orochi v0.05 vs G-Tester v0.01a

Both characters are in 12P.\r
Darkness G Heaven Orochi v0.05 - Interesting aura, this is the same aura which one of my favourite oldest orochi edit has, PhantomMizuchi85. Unfortunately the author of Darkness G Heaven Orochi won`t be editing or producing newer versions of this character, and if he does I doubt it will be available to the public. The last version of this char for public available was 0.07.\r
G-Tester v0.01a - An amazing edit of a rather basic orochi known as G-Orochi. The author keeps saying it`s not a good char, but in my opinion it`s an amazing char!His hypers are very nice and his aura is pretty cool too. And his portrait is the best!