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The electricity industry, having been in place for more than 100 years, has established tremendous power and influence. But as solar- and wind-based energy businesses gain small footholds and expand their impact, the incumbent electricity businesses face fundamental challenges that threaten their century-old business models. Will technological advances and the motivation to control climate change finally effect a revolution in the electricity markets? This unique book proposes public policy- and business strategy-level initiatives that could overcome the structural impediments that prevail in the current electricity industries and predicts the important changes to come in the immediate and distant future.In The Microgrid Revolution: Business Strategies for Next-Generation Electricity, author Mahesh P. Bhave explains the current state of electricity production, identifies its widespread problems, and proposes a specific approach and particular solution to the puzzle of supplying clean energy for the 21st-century world. The introductory chapters lay the groundwork for the author's provocative thesis, and the concluding chapters elaborate on it with broad implications. By examining the subject material from the perspectives of public policy and regulatory concerns, corporate strategy, industry structure changes, innovation, and climate change as well as from a technological angle, readers from diverse industries and professional backgrounds will be able to understand how the coming electricity revolution is something we all have the power to influence.