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1. Tina
2. Kids Run Through The City
3. Mizu No Miko Eria
4. Melody Of Lute
5. Tenderness In The Air
6. Fragments Of Memories
7. Main Theme From Final Fantasy IV
8. Balamb Garden Ami
9. Lennas Theme
10. The Successor
11. Theme Of Love
12. Welcome To Our Town
13. Shinai Naru Tomo E

1) Unreachable Desire (FFIX Piano Collections)
2) Remnants of Distant Days (Love Will Grow)
3) GAIA (Love Will Grow)
4) Once You Meet Her (Pray)
5) Don't Cry, Little Girl (Não Chora Menina) (Pray)
6) Distant Hometown (FFV Dear Friends)
7) Theme of Love (FFIV Celtic Moon)
8) Legend of the Great Forest (FFV Dear Friends)
9) Into the Darkness (FFIV Celtic Moon)
10) Celes' Theme (FFVI Piano Collections)
11) Fisherman's Horizon (FFVIII Piano Collections)
12) Melodies of Life (FFIX Piano Collections)
13) Love Will Grow (Love Will Grow)
Bonus Track
14) Eyes on Me (Acoustic Guitar Version)
Final Fantasy is Square Enix's longest running and most popular role-playing franchise. First premiering on December 18, 1987 with the original Final Fantasy, it has only increased in popularity over the last 20 years. The first Final Fantasy was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and was planned as a last-ditch attempt at success in the game industry (hence the title). Inspired by Enix's Dragon Warrior, he took the last of Square's money and developed the game. It sold 400,000 units, kicking off what has become one of the best-selling video game franchises in history. This series has had several spin-offs, some of which are Final Fantasy Adventure (which went on to become the Mana series), Final Fantasy Tactics, a series of turn-based strategy RPGs, and even several games starring the Final Fantasy mascot, the cute, ostrich-like chocobo. Additionally, the first few games of Squaresoft's SaGa series were given "Final Fantasy Legend" titles when they were released in North America because of Final Fantasy's recognizable name.