[ASMR ambience,環境音,BGM]湯けむりの漂う温泉街と、時たま降る小雨の音/Light rain and sound of hot springs


Two hours of healing with a hot spring with a hot spring. Footsteps of people who go cobblestones with clogs The sound of a flowing river with steam. The voices of insects coming from a distant mountain. And the sound of light rain that occasionally falls. Various sounds heal fatigue. Feel like walking in the hot spring town and relax. This video will heal your fatigue with delicate sounds and beautiful images. Use as background music when you want to concentrate or as background music for sleep.
The video is 3D sound with binaural recording. Use earphones to watch videos.
Please enjoy the hot spring town with hot water and the sound of light rain.

この動画は、環境音をメインにしたASMR動画です。イラストは、アドビ社の提供するphotoshopを使用。街の映像をもとにAftereffectでより美しく仕上げています。最終的な編集はPremire Proを使用しています。

This video is an ASMR video with environmental sound as the main feature. The illustration uses photoshop provided by Adobe. Based on the city video, Aftereffect finishes more beautifully. The final editing uses Premium Pro.

ASMR(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)は、人が聴覚や視覚への刺激によって感じる、心地良い、脳がゾワゾワするといった反応・感覚。正式・一般的な日本語訳は今のところ存在しないが、直訳すると自律感覚絶頂反応となる。

[What is ASMR?]
ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a reaction and sensation that humans feel by hearing and visual stimuli, and that the brain feels irritated. There is no formal / general Japanese translation so far, but when translated directly, it becomes an autonomic sensation response.
Currently, many ASMR videos are uploaded on video sites such as YouTube.
This channel creates ASMR videos that mainly deal with environmental sounds and healing sounds. It does not deal with young woman whispering or pornography.
Please enjoy ASMR with a fictional city and space as the main.