Minecraft Mob Guide - Zombie Pigman [HD]

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Minecraft's Nether world brings you the twisted, defiled Zombie Pigman. This video goes into detail about these fiends.

This is the forth episode in a series of Minecraft Mob Guides, where we look at all the hostile AND passive mobs in Minecraft in detail. In this episode, we take a look at the Zombie Pigman, a distorted mutation of a pig and a zombie. It's quite harmless and passive, but when you attack it, get ready for a heated battle.

A Zombie Pigman is an irregular mob that spawns naturally in the Nether and appears in the Overworld when lightning strikes within 3-4 blocks of a pig, which is a very rare occurrence. Like wild wolves, Zombie Pigmen are not initially hostile, but they will converge on the mob or player as a group to attack them if a single member is attacked.

Music by Daniel 'C418' Rosenfield - Hal3 "Haggstrom"

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