Attention (Charlie Puth) Dance Video - Directed by Tim Milgram

Attention (Charlie Puth) Dance Video - Directed & Produced by Tim Milgram

Soundtrack - "Attention" by Charlie Puth available now:

Dancers: Jade Chynoweth, Sean Lew, Jake Kodish, Julian Carmolinga, Erica Klein, Diana Matos, Jason Glover, Justine Lutz, Haley Messick, Donovan Gibbs

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Video Location - The Attention Room - 8017 Melrose Ave - Open to the Public Apr 20 - 30

The Attention Room Hours
Mon - Fri: 3pm - 11pm
Sat - Sun: 1pm - 11pm
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Filmed & Edited by Tim Milgram
Assistant Editor: Donovan Okimura

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