Paper Mario Color Splash - Wii U Gameplay Walkthrough PART 14 - Golden Coliseum: VS Iggy Koopa Boss

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Welcome to PART 14 of my Paper Mario Color Splash gameplay walkthrough for Nintendo Wii U! When color is drained from Prism Island, Mario must use his Paint Hammer & Battle Cards to take on Bowser’s army & the Koopalings with the help of Huey, Princess Peach & the Toads in this new title from the Paper Mario action-adventure RPG series. Thanks for watching guys!

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Paper Mario Color Splash EPISODE 14: Port Prisma - Holo-Peach - Card Shop - Prisma Cafe - The Wringer - Fire Extinguisher Thing - Rescue Squad V Chief - Purple Toad's Friendship Seed - The Golden Coliseum - Enemy Horde - VS Hammer Bros, Spike, Goomba, Shy Guy, & Snifit - Morton Koopa Jr Enemy Card - Star Man - Cutout Technique - Luigi - BOSS FIGHT: Iggy Koopa - Chariot Snifit & Chariot Bro - Piggy Bank Dance - Battle Flee - Fuzzies - Ice Pick Thing Card - Bottle Opener Thing Card - Yellow Rescue Squad Toads #2, 3, & 4 - Bone Thing - Princess Chain Chomp Summon - Chariot Smash - Iggy Rematch Victory - Yellow Big Paint Star - Course Clear! - Giant Coin Restored - Kamek Flashback - Prisma Prance Trance

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