【DEX】EAT【Vocaloid Original Song】

Chew me up and spit me out, my ideas are running out...

NND: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm29314569


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Song by Creep-P [http://www.twitter.com/TheCreepyPie]
Art by Ollie [http://www.twitter.com/OLLERTONEX]
Tuned by Prisma [http://www.soundcloud.com/Mr_Prism]

Inspired by Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared 5. [https://youtu.be/tS_Xq7gSCBM]

It is now June 19th here in the east coast on the US, meaning... TV IS NOW RELEASED! Along with it being my BIRTHDAY! YAAAAAY!! EAT is about eating everyone's bullshit. About swallowing everyone's shit, and putting yourself out there, but never putting yourself first. I wanna thank Ollie for redoing literally all of this art super last minute, since... well; the original was for an UTAU album, that unfortunately I had to drop out of... BUT I wanted to keep this song, so Ollie, being the best person they are, redid all the art! So god bless. Also, another big thank you to Prisma to tuning this, along with my ENTIRE FUCKING ALBUM!! AAAAAAHHH THANK YOU!!

And finally, thank you to everyone who pre-ordered my album! The deluxe version will be on iTunes soon!

And again, thank you so much! Please enjoy!

PS: Everyone who I need to give an album to (including all that were involved/Kickstarter, I will be giving those out starting late June 19 to June 20!)

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