Learning and Support Resources on Apps | The Apps Show

Are you looking for online support, tips and inspirational ideas on Google Apps? This episode was especially made for you! Jenny and Drea walk us through their favorite online resources where they get the best of Google Apps.

First off, the Learning Center is the site you want to check to get savvier on different Apps products. It is an easy to find resource on the Internet - just Google “learning center google apps”! You’ll find a series of training modules on each of Google Apps, that will help you ramp up your knowledge. But if your goal is to take your skills to the next level, don’t miss the “Tips library” or “Use at work” sections of the Learning Center. You will find great ideas on how you can transform the way you work!

Next, the Help Center is the resource you want to visit if you have a doubt or want to learn more about a specific feature. You can easily find the Help Center site on Google, but Drea also shows you a quicker way to look up for Help: you just need to click the in-product “Help” bar while you use your Apps product! Finally don’t forget that you can also use the product forums if you want to engage with a community of uses and check what has been discussed on different Google products.

Of course, don’t forget to ask questions to your Admin if you need support. They are the experts on Apps in your organization. For them we have created a tailored Apps Administrator Help and the Google for Work Connect Forum. The latter consists of a truly admin to admin resources where they can find answers to more advanced conversations and best practices.

And don’t forget about the the Apps Show! Every Tuesday we release on Youtube a brand new episode with our favorite tricks and tricks on Google Apps at work. Stay tuned and see you next Tuesday!