How To Cover A Box With Fabric

Here's how to cover a box with fabric. We'll be making a good sized fabric box, and you can make it any size or design you want. So watch if you want to learn how to make fabric bins.

Joquena from

Hello this is Joquena from and today I'm gonna show you how to make organizers, and yes you can pick whatever fabric you want. All you need is cardboard boxes, and you can duct tape them to custom fit your space. You need scissors, and fabric scissors, a hot glue gun with lots of glue, something to protect your surface and plain copy paper.
Cut your cardboard down to the size you want and attach with ducttape. How much fabric do you need? Put the front of the box down, take the fabric and you need enough to meet and overlap in the back. You can see this is not an exact science. We've got our start point. We're going to cheat and fold this in half so we have half as much to make. Put the excess in your scrap pile, you don't need to wash your fabric in advance but take some time and go iron. Start with your back seem here, and right on the corner of I'm throwing on some glue. I'm just gonna keep going down in strips. Just remember to constantly be pulling the fabric because this is your one chance to have it lie flat. And it doesn't have to cover every inch. You'd be lucky to walk out with a fabric box for less than $10. And that doesn't mean it's exactly what you want. You've got to go real fast once you get the glue on because it starts to dry right away, then pulling and smoothing. How to cover a box with fabric isn't rocket science but it is repetitive. I helped my husband organize his office recently and he requested no pink, I don't know where he would get the idea that I like pink.
I'm support the fabric box a little from the inside so it doesn't buckle. You can see if you look at my other videos I like to take cardboard and do things with it. Okay, we're gonna do our last corner and then we get to the tricky part. This is the selvage, so I'm going to turn it and do a turned under area here, and I'm just going to glue right on the project a little bit at a time right where I want it to be. Be careful that's hot, but you can dip your fingers in some water if that's too hot for you. Now we're gonna do the inside. This is really a lot like wrapping a present.
So now we're doing the bottom, and we're going to flip it like this so it's easier. It's okay if it doesn't match up right on the bottom. We're just making sure you can't see it from the front or from the side. You can be done with your fabric box now, or you can cover the inside with copy paper, it's up to you.